Bridging the Gap: Frameworks and Methods for Collaborative Business Rules Management Solutions

Bridging the Gap: Frameworks and Methods for Collaborative Business Rules Management Solutions


  • Naga Ramesh Palakurti


This research paper explores the imperative of collaborative approaches in Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) through the lens of innovative frameworks and methods. In a business landscape characterized by dynamic rule sets, the need for effective collaboration in BRMS becomes paramount. The abstract delves into the development and evaluation of frameworks designed to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders involved in rule management. Methods for seamless integration of diverse perspectives, efficient communication, and coordinated decision-making within BRMS are investigated. The study aims to contribute insights into fostering synergy among stakeholders, enhancing the adaptability of rule sets, and ultimately optimizing the decision-making processes within collaborative BRMS environments. Through a comprehensive analysis, the research seeks to bridge existing gaps, offering practical solutions for the advancement of collaborative Business Rules Management


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