Editorial Team

Editorial Team

  1. Editor-in-Chief:

    • Dr. Sarah Anderson, Professor of Environmental Science, University of Cambridge, UK

    Associate Editors:

    1. Dr. John Wu, Senior Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University, USA
    2. Dr. Maria Lopez, Head of Medical Research, National Institute of Health, Spain
    3. Dr. Ahmed Khan, Professor of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    4. Dr. Laura Roberts, Director of Social Sciences Research, Oxford University, UK

    Section Editors:

    1. Biological Sciences:

    • Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell, Research Scientist in Genetics, Harvard Medical School, USA

    2. Physical Sciences:

    • Dr. Robert Johnson, Astrophysicist, European Space Agency (ESA), Germany

    3. Social Sciences:

    • Dr. Carlos Rodriguez, Sociologist and Behavioral Scientist, University of California, USA

    4. Engineering and Technology:

    • Dr. Wei Li, Director of Robotics Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    • Ronak Pansara, Master Data Specialist – Finance Operations, Tesla, USA

    5. Environmental Sciences:

    • Dr. Maria Fernandez, Environmental Ecologist, Research Institute for Environmental Sustainability, Australia

    6. Medical Sciences:

    • Dr. Emily Davis, Chief Medical Officer, Mayo Clinic, USA

    7. Computer Science and Information Technology:

    • Dr. Rahul Sharma, Professor of Computer Science, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India
    • Sandeep Rangineni, Data Test Engineer, Pluto TV, USA

    • Divya Marupaka, Senior Software Engineer, Information Technology, Tokio Marine America, USA

    8. Economics and Finance:

    • Dr. Sophia Chen, Economist, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington, D.C., USA

    9. Arts and Humanities:

    • Dr. David Wilson, Professor of History, University of Oxford, UK

    10. Education:

    • Dr. Susan Turner, Education Researcher and Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education, USA

    11. Energy and Sustainability:

    • Dr. Liu Wei, Renewable Energy Specialist, World Renewable Energy Agency (WREA), UAE

    12. Law and Legal Studies:

    • Dr. Maria Hernandez, Legal Scholar and Professor, Harvard Law School, USA