Exploring the Impact of Telemedicine on Patient Engagement and Healthcare Accessibility

Exploring the Impact of Telemedicine on Patient Engagement and Healthcare Accessibility


  • Balaram Yadav Kasula


This research paper delves into the transformative impact of telemedicine on patient engagement and healthcare accessibility. As technological advancements continue to reshape healthcare delivery, telemedicine emerges as a pivotal tool, offering new avenues for patient-provider interactions and expanding healthcare reach. The study investigates the multifaceted effects of telemedicine on patient engagement, examining the ways in which virtual care influences communication, participation in treatment plans, and overall patient involvement. Additionally, the paper explores how telemedicine contributes to enhancing healthcare accessibility, particularly in underserved or remote areas. The findings contribute valuable insights into the evolving landscape of telemedicine, shedding light on its potential to bridge gaps in healthcare services and improve patient engagement on a broader scale.


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